About us

Experience in electrical switchboards for industrial automation

AEPI Industrie has been able to reflect the liveliness and turmoil of a city rich in history and traditions, gaining authority and recognition to assume a leading role in the fields of automation and industrial robotics, among which it stands out among the most important in the design of electrical switchboards for industrial automation, in addition to the optimization and testing.

Customized solutions and customer care

The growth stems from the inclination to innovation, the desire to always meet the highest standards of the time in which we live and operate and it is on the basis of this simple philosophy that the technological challenge of AEPI has translated into a culture of quality and customer satisfaction.

The company is particularly competitive in the optimization of customized projects: real “tailoring” technological solutions able to satisfy the most demanding requests.
The internal logistic-organisational structure allows to obtain products for industrial control and automation, which are perfectly tested and simulated in their functional cycle.


AEPI Industrie is available to provide you with more information on the activities and products and services offered